Travelling and deck cranes for ships

Maintenance crane
For LNG carriers
ref. capacity 2T at 2,9m and 0,3T at 4,6m
OPV service boat crane
for OPV service boat lauching
ref. capacity 0,6T at 2,3m
LNG maintenance crane LNG maintenance crane OPV boat crane
Provision crane for Morocco frigates
For all type of vessels
ref. capacity 1,2T x 3,5m
Cruise vessel provision crane
For all type of vessels
ref. capacity 0,5T at 2,8m
Frigate crane Cruise vessel crane  


Our extensive range of compact cranes offers to the customers a large choice of standard and purpose-built equipments. In particular,the company's large experience in this specific field of marine engineering and design has permit to develop an extraordinary diverse selection of "off-the-shelf" units.

Crane type includes fixed arm, luffing, telescopic and monorail cranes - all idealy suitable for both marine and quay mounting, as well as for navy, merchant marine and offshore use.

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