Anchor windlasses and mooring winches

AMGC is a world-leading supplier of merchant handling equipment. According to the merchant navy’s requirements of flexiability and reliability, AMGC offers complete packages of deck equipment wich correspond to the highest quality standards.

With a strong focus on continuous development, AMGC customers benefits from fully optimised performance and consistent equipment support – an approach that delivers quality at the lowest operating costs.


AMGC offers high-pressure hydraulic and electric drive options for its winches and windlasses range. Mooring winches can be supplied with a pulling capacity from 2 to 60 tonnes and anchor windlasses for up to Ø 54 mm chain with a range of drive options available.

  • Winches ref. capacity 2 T up to 60 T
  • Windlasses ref. capacity chain size Ø 14 mm up to Ø 54 mm
  • Capstans ref. capacity 1 T up to 20 T
  • Deck cranes
  • Travelling cranes
  • Electro-hydraulic power unit with remote control devices

AMGC equipment specifications : high speed systems, compact solutions, long life and reliability electrico-hydraulic components, minimum maintenance needed equipment, lowest weight solutions, best corrosion protections.

* These features are examples. Our equipment are realised on customers’ specific requirements

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