Seismic winches, windlasses and capstans for Offshore Support and Research Vessels

AMGC has been a supplier of offshore winches and handling systems since late 80's. Its heavy deck machineries and mooring systems are deployed around the world.
The company today focuses on Streamer Launch and Recovery Systems and Umbilical Winches for support and seismic vessels.

According to the special offshore working conditions, AMGC offers complete packages of deck equipment complying with the highest quality and security standards : ISO 9001:2000, AQAP 110


AMGC manufactures a comprehensive range of electrical, hydraulical and pneumatical winches, windlasses, capstans and deck machineries matching customers’ specific requirements.
The extensive AMGC product range includes :

  • Transverse streamer drums ref. capacity 150 m of streamer cables Ø 60 mm
  • Storage streamer winches ref. capacity 6 000 m of streamer cables Ø 60 mm
  • Gun umbilical winches ref. capacity 6 T pulling force 550 m Ø 74 mm
  • Gun spread rope winches ref. capacity 3 T pulling force 550 m Ø 20 mm
  • Magnetometer winches ref. capacity 3 T pulling force 600 m Ø 16 mm
  • Aft spreading telescopic booms ref. capacity up to 5 T at 8,5 m outreach
  • Support Barovan telescopic beams ref. capacity 10 T at 2 m outreach
  • A-Frame hoisting ref. hoisting capacity 12 T at 10 m
  • Wide tow winches (for spectrum ropes) ref. capacity up to 1000 m Ø 52 mm pulling force 50T

Winches can be supplied with a pulling capacity from 1 up to 60 tonnes and anchor windlasses for up to 54mm chain calibre with a range of drive options available.

* These features are examples. Our equipment are realised on customers’ specific requirements

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