Anchor Windlasses

Windlass Capstan
Capacity chain size 42 mm Q2 for Delta Frigates
Capacity chain size 32 mm Q3 for navy diving support vessel
Hydraulic Windlass Windlass capstan Windlass
Windlass capstan under load test
ref. capacity chain size 42 mm Q3
Winch windlass for 50T bollard pull tug boat
ref. capacity chain size 14 mm up to 54 mm
Windlass capstan 42 Q3 under static load test
ref. capacity chain size 14 mm up to 54 mm
42 Q3 Windlass capstan Winch windlass 50T 42 Q3 Windlass capstan


ISO 9001:2000 and AQAP 110 complying

CE labelled

Features and benefits

* Chain capacity diameter 14 mm to 54 mm

* High-pressure hydraulic drive system provides reliability & easy installation

* Electrical drive system enables easy anchor nesting

* Range of drive options available

* Modular, lightweight, compact and easy to install

Windlasses options

* Independant driving gear

* Remote Control

* Stainless steel brake drum surface

* Chain stopper

* Cable length indicator

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